MiniAppz User Manual

For fast Log in, set your browser to remember password.
Make email username example : abc@miniappz (not admin)
Scroll down to view examples of each admin function.

Log In to Your MiniAppz

Simple-to-use Admin Panel

Add Customers

1. For speed - only top four fields are mandatory.

2. As you submit records your new customer details instantly appear under ‘Customer Search’

3. Use miniappz notepads when in a hurry and enter data later at convenience – eg weekly/monthly etc.

Search for Customers

For ease of use you can search with any word, date or combination:
You can insert ‘Todays’ date to see which customer reminders are due to be actioned.
Tip: Practice with your own vehicle now and set ‘repair reminder’ date for tomorrow,
refresh the browser and search with the tommorrow's date.

How to send pre-set SMS

1. Once you have searched Todays ‘ to do’ list, decide which stored message you wish to send from the six pre-set messages in the ‘Message template’ drop down box.

2. Copy selected message – same as you would a txt.

3. Tap on client’s mobile number to open a new sms window

4. Press & Paste message into SMS window – edit text if required, eg. Insert ‘Customers name’ after “Hi”

5. Press send.

Create & Edit Message
Change messages from your Control Panel.

Edit and Delete Customer Info


Press edit to modify details. Press delete to remove a customer. (POP UP Confirmation)

For Google Pro-Active

Add & Update Specials

Update your special offer and it changes instantly.

» When entering customer details you might wish to expand the amount of info you keep about customers.
» If you are busy in the workshop etc it is often easier to jot down details on the supplied Minipad forms.
» These can be stored up and processed in batches once a week/month, etc. Most likely on your desktop or tablet.
» However, the more info about a customer you collect the better you can understand and communicate with customer/s ongoing.
» The Miniappz system allows you the flexibility to adapt this 'entries' function to suit your individual needs.