MiniAppz "Pro-Active"
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Pro-Active - making the most of Google“Google My Business”
A powerful new promotional tool by Google connecting you to local business networks and consumer search results.
Make sure your business is PLUGGED IN to “Google My Business”. It is essential for today. With "MiniAppz" simple solution, your business can become a "Google Smartie" - "GooglePlus", "Google Maps" and "Google Search" all bundled together in one dynamic location.
MiniAppz puts it all together for you! You don't need to read all the docos Google provides, we set up all the necessary pages to the optimum state. Then if you wish you can upgrade your information whenever you want on any device..
Yesterday was all about ‘meta tags’ and ‘keywords’ so you could get found online. Now, "Google My Business" provides a powerful short-cut, by placing you directly into the heart of Google’s Intelligence.

“Dynamic Smartphone Page”
MiniAppz creates Stylish and Optimum phone page which has an one-tap function with an exclusive header.
MiniAppz guarantees you save time and money on search-based marketing & the means to keep customers coming back for more.
enables you to generate price leaders linked directly to online Search results and attract more new customers.

Combined with amazing live "Special Offers " on your smartphone page, you are in the drivers seat to attract new customers before your competitors even get a look in.
As simple as A,B,C. to update your page
With MiniAppz SIMPLE interface, your offers or news can be updated instantly. You can update it on 24/7 on any device!
{'Updating Page' = 'One Click'} means you are contributing to {SEO}.

My offers

Be found
through "Google My Business"

Although it is free, to sign up for "Google My Business", you have to spend a considerable amount of time to make it work properly and efficiently for your business.
Our Google "Pro-Active" team will set up "Google My Business" for you. No need to spend countless hours trying to figure it all out. Then if you want to, it is easy to update info whenever you wish. You then have the option if you choose, to add snap shots of your business or even for example, a virtual tour of your premises.

‘Google My Business’ means all google business listings essentially become part of one powerful local network. When locals recognise you are doing something new and innovative they can ‘Share’ (same as ‘Like’ in Facebook) Google+ is essentially Google’s answer to Facebook and this exciting new push by Google is squarely aimed at rival Facebook’s business advertising market share.
So, ‘Google My Business’ now means you can get invaluable exposure to members of the staff and families associated with other google+ businesses.

Google My Business should be the urgent concern for your future.
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Smartphone Page

MiniAppz’ creates your own dynamic and interactive smartphone page. Put up your latest specials or news 24/7 in an instant. It’s Sooo easy!  You can see your updates instantly and new customers can ring, sms, or find your location without even leaving your page. They can link you up too via their social networks so that others can come and see what you have on offer!Combined with MiniAppz amazing live "ProActive Offers link", you are in the drivers seat to attract new customers before your competitors even get a look in. MiniAppz "ProActive offers link" is a game changer new customers will love to click on in Google Search.
By targeting your online offers accordingly, MiniAppz can expand the potential number of prospective new customers in your sights by a significant margin. It is precisely this kind of leverage which separates the more successful online business from its competitors.
MiniAppz simplifies what would otherwise be a complex and time consuming undertaking for any business operator, with its ABC approach. Setting up the stage for you and then providing the easy-to-use tools to build revenue, whilst liberating your time to get on with what you do best!