Customer Service App

Simple As "ABC"

Build an online customer list you can view at any time on any device.
You don't need any software like Excel. Log in and get right on it.
Merge your existing customer list to our very functional Customer Service App.
You can still use your existing list separately. Search for customers/reminders with simple word(s) like the name of the month, customer, type of service etc.
Send Customer Service Reminder Messages directly from the list on your phone.

Easy Search

Instant Messaging

You don’t need to spend time to type messages.

Choose a message stored in your system.

Tap the customer’s mobile no. then copy and paste the message in the TEXT window.

Edit it if necessary.then simply send it.

Press send! – ( You can also personalise/edit message if desired )

Stores up to 6 template messages.


For busy operators

Add new customers with just a minimum number of fields to enter.
For convenience use the MiniAppz memo pad. You can transfer the information to desktop or device later.
Lets you edit or delete your customer information with ease.