• ‘Pro-Active’

    (set-up fee)

    $6/week (hosting)
    • • Your Domain

    • • Mobile Home Page

    • • GoogleMyBusiness Setup

    • • Switch On/Off SPECIAL OFFERS

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    Customer Service

    (set-up fee)

    $9/week (hosting)
    • • Your Domain/Database

    • • Secure and Simple Login

    • • Mobile Friendly

    • • All-device Application

    • • Tap to SMS to send ‘Reminder’

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    ‘Other Services’

    • • Integration of existing data

    • • Bulk SMS

    • • Bulk Email

    • • Ask
      Our Representatives about the best options for your business.

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MINIAPPZ is a real game changer for you, the local workshop operator.

MINIAPPZ exploits ‘Google My Business’ to strategically position your business.
Plus, leverages FREE in-house promotion to create a permanent and formidable marketing strategy for your Workshop.

MINIAPPZ combines 23 years experience in establishing the coupon industry in Australia and now, with the advent of smart App technology, a powerful tool to streamline your business’s cashflow and profitability.

1. MINIAPPZ helps you maximise the earnings potential of your existing customer base

2. Gives you the advantage over competition with Google Pro-active and when using any form of local media

3. CSA (Customer Service App) : Easy to operate, simple to understand and low cost. A few minutes daily is all it takes.

Questions & Answers

Q. It’s not expensive but what is the cost in time?
A. A few minutes a day for the first year, after which will depend on how hard you work it.

Q. If it gets too much to do on my phone can I upgrade and work it from my desktop i.e. send SMS messages from my computer?
A. Yes, when or if you reach this stage, say a year down the track it is an inexpensive upgrade which is billed at 20c per sms.

Q. What if I have a working data base and want to migrate all my customers across to this system ?
A. Not a problem. We can duplicate all your data to operate within the Miniappz platform. From $499 setup.

Q. Can anyone operate the system?
A. You can preset/edit the reminder and offer messages for specific services and then delegate the day to day processing.

Q. Can I outsource the processing if I want to?
A. Yes. MiniAppz can do it for you on a per SMS basis - (subject to quotation)

Tailored for You

This Miniappz.com tailored customer relationship management tool (CRM) and profit boosting system is designed with you in mind. A super easy interface makes it simple to operate and delegate / train others.

Data safety

All data is stored in our online cloud based system so you do not need to worry about losing files, documents or data. Data is managed according to your specific needs rather than to a generic format and is upgradeable as your business grows.

Easy Access

An important feature is the dynamic customer search function that allows you to easily access specific customer detail. To generate reports that can help structure cashflow and customer bookings in the days, weeks, or months ahead.

Easy Campaign Aid

Specific search results can then be turned into a dynamic marketing tool right from your mobile service app. For example: if you want to send out a reminder to every customer who is shortly due for a log book service you just enter ‘logbook service’ and ‘week’ or ‘month’ due and your mobile device will populate with these customers. Simply click on their mobile number, paste your message, or offer and tap to send an SMS, or email, if you want to forward an email.

Data Integration

Serviceappz can integrate your current database into your App so you can quickly access info on the run or at your desktop. If you are too busy to manage a larger database and ongoing campaign management, ServiceAppz can do this for you on a per ‘delivery’ basis.

Bulk Instant Messaging

For example you may like to send a specific Christmas greeting to all customers but are simply to busy to find the time. All you need to do is send Serviceappz the search instructions eg, ‘safety check’ and we will generate and deliver your message for you in a timed and cost effective manner. If you have 500 customers in your system you might want to break this up into say 125 per week x 5 weeks.

CSA Bonus Pad

For busy workshop, you can scribble customer info on the pad which is identical to the online form.